Terri, Orange County

Emilia is an organizing angel that kicks ass on clutter. She is kind, patient and respectful of you and your stuff. No judgment of you or things you don't want to let go of.  Emilia organizes in a way that allows you to see the meaningful and useful item, then she cleans, sorts and labels. The stuff you don't want is taken away that day. No digging back through it for things.....you know what I mean!  When she leaves you are left with feelings of lightness and appreciation for what you have. What would have taken me days (weeks?) by myself was accomplished in 5 hours with Emilia.  With no sore muscles (Emilia allows you to assist with heavy stuff or not) she is crazy strong. Calling Thriving and Organized was the best decision I could have made to get my loft (30 years of storage) turned into usable storage space. Thanks Emilia, can't wait to work on my next space with you. 

Don, Bay Area

We smile and breathe easy with our streamlined garage. It is wonderful to know that this is the hub of our household universe. Our two cars, short term & long term storage, luggage, seasonal clothing, bikes, sporting equipment, back up freezer & fridge, files, cleaning equipment, washer & dryer, precious family photo's & souvenirs, etc - are all clean, organized & easily accessed. Thank you to the wonder of Emilia! She understood our vision, came up with a pragmatic plan, rolled up her shirt sleeves and took control.  This was a major one day accomplishment.

So pleased with our initial step of working with the Zen Wizard Emilia as we bring organizational joy to our home & lives. Look forward to more with Thriving & Organized!
Bravo Emilia!

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